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1/ We work on monthly payment plan and payment is due on the first week of every month.

2 / Students are assigned a weekly time slot and that is what the lesson fee is based on. If there are 5 lessons in a month that is what is expected to be paid.

3/ Missed Lessons. If we are given a 12 hour notice then we will offer a make up lesson (3rd Friday of each month). We allow 1 makeup lesson for every two months paid. Option: If we can't agree on a make up date for mixed lessons, the student will be offered a 50% refund and or credit.

4/ Last minute cancellations, or no shows due not qualify for make up lessons.

5/ Missed Lessons are not allowed to be deducted from the next months fees.

6/ Vacations and Special Circumstances can be discussed and arrangements will be made.

Please be aware of the above policy format and we can both avoid any unnecessary awkward situations.


Our normal fee of $27 applies to all guitar lessons unless there is a special promotion offered etc.

If there are 5 time slots in a month then fees for 5 lessons are expected.

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